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Who is Fit For the Projects

I am a Social Media Influencer
KOL/Influencer 73%
I am a Professional Content Producer
FreeLance 65%
I Have a Website or Channel
Website Master / Forum Poster 85%
I am in Buyer Groups
Deal Hunter 80%


Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is suitable for Deal hunters, website/blog ownner, KOL/social media influencers. Join to earn commission while you grow your business and audience. Simply use the unique links to track orders and you will be paid monthly for completed orders.

You will be well supported by our team with discount, customer service and other things you need help.


FreeLance Program

The program is for professional content producers. If you are a creative freelancer freelance/writer/copyeditor, specializing in games and keyboard, we are willing to collaborate with you!

At the same time, if you are a content producer who is good at SEO, or your writing has appeared in some online publications, have some fixed article publishing websites, please let us know in the form below. We will have someone to contact you about details and payment.


Influencers Program

We would love for you to consider joining our family. Our goal is to create a better way to communicate and learn from our customers and fans so that we can ultimately better serve your needs. Apply Now!

10% Commission

Get paid to promote Kemove on your channels by earning up to 10% commissions

Newest Model

You’ll have the opportunity to receive our latest and greatest products

Get Coupons

You will regularly get coupons for your audiences or contact us when you need

we will assist you in any Problem

Our customer service team will be here for providing first priority support solutions.



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