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Thank You, All Backers!

First of all, we appreciate your support. Kemove is aiming to bring the most cost-effective mechanical keyboards and we hope this mechanical keyboard will provide you with an unforgettable experience, and look forward to sharing your feelings with everyone.

Kickstarter Projects

It’s time for a change.

2nd Kickstarter Project

With a new design shape that took 2 years to develop, the DK68 Butterfly Series is lighter, thinner, and more delicate. We decided to use a silicone gasket for better sound dampening and add 2.4G connection technology based on DK61.

1st Kickstarter Project

It’s our first fully DIY mechanical keyboard with cool RGB lighting, allowing you to enjoy the fun of making a highly customized mechanical keyboard that perfectly suits your typing and gaming habits.

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Newest Softwares

To ensure a user-friendly experience, we continue to refine and test the software function, then we upgrade the driver based on the first generation of software, and this produces a more concise and stable system, which makes it easier for users to customize the keyboard function.

Newest Softwares - kemove kickstarter
It's Time For Us

To Give Back

Users can customize the keyboard, DIY as they wish: From software to hardware, everything can be customized to meet the user’s own needs. Ensure users complete control and a comfortable typing experience over their keyboards.

Design Inspiration

Inspired by “The Butterfly Lovers”- A Chinese love story, we chose butterfly elements. You can see the bottom of the keyboard frame is designed in a smooth symmetrical line, which can be reminiscent of the wings of butterflies. Black and white are also classic matching colors for couples.

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Support at Your Fingertips

Fast Response

From Monday to Friday, 9:00-18:30 , you can get fast online reply of customer service.

1 Year Warranty

With 1-Year no hassle warranty, enjoy free returns and refunds for quality issues.

Video Tutorials

We provide repair and using guidance videos, you can easily solve all problems with our products.

Forum Help

Kemove BBS is a public forum, you can get support from customer service or other users.