Why are 60% size mechanical keyboards so special and popular

Why are 60% size mechanical keyboards so special and popular
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Why are 60% size mechanical keyboards so special and popular ? Let me explain it to you today!

Many people wonder why some people prefer non-full-size mechanical keyboards rather than full-size mechanical keyboards.

Obviously the first one reason is that 60% size keyboards is small enough,so we can easily carry it anytime . At the same time ,we can save space and enable more items on our desktop.
The product is more personalized and it has many customized gameplay.

Maybe someone will ask ,how do we use it normally without nearly 50 keys.Don’t worry about it ,even though 60% size keyboard lack independent number area,and independent “home” area.But most of 60% mechanical keyboard will integrate keys function to achieve one-key multifunction.
For example ,e-sports player or programmers may not have many commonly used keys,and the rest are auxiliary functions.Too many keys position will effect their finger movement speed,reduce operation speed and work efficiency.60% size keyboard keys just meet their needs.

Maybe you think these are nonsense and difficult to understand,but these are indispensable advantages for some people.
Of course,the advantage of a mechanical keyboard go far beyond that.I just mentioned some of the advantages of a 60% mechanical keyboard.

It’s worth ting to say that 60% layout gaming keyboard has lower costs if you want to experience more mechanical shaft version, compared with other layout keyboard.

Well,today we bring a evaluation of a very useful keyboard named KEMOVE 61.

Firstly ,the most attractive thing is this mechanical keyboard supports wireless mode or wired mode.KEMOVE 61 uses Certified Bluetooth 5.1 technology to guarantee stable connections in 10 meters.This means I can work or play game in my bed,and I don’t have to worry about my keyboard suddenly losing control.That ‘s a wonderful experience.

Maybe you would worry about the endurance of KEMOVE 61.Compared with other bland of mechanical keyboard support wireless mode,KEMOVE61 is equipped with 3000mAh battery and can work continuously for 15 hours under wireless condition.SO you can play game in your bed from 9am. to 12 pm.Of course I don’t recommend you to do this,it’s very terrible you know.

White Mechanical Keyboard Quiet and Mini Gaming Keyboard Kemove 61 key
KEMOVE 61 KEY is equipped with hot-swappable mechanical switches that are replaceable with the most of the mechanical switches in the market.It’s compatible with almost all standard key caps in the market.
In addition,It is controlled by an NXP 64 bit chip which can store a slew of settings like macros, backlight effects and customized Fn combinations. The backlight are soft and smooth, and will not blink even during video recording.Excitedly,KEMOVE 61 has unlimited RBG backlight modes.You can download the driver of KEMOVE 61 on their social website.
It’s worth mentioning that KEMOVE 61 has two color option,white and black,four color option switches,blue,red,brown and black.
KEMOVE 61 is compatible with OS/WIN/IOS/Android system.
KEMOVE61 has many other features,such as one button power off,one-click switch between win or mac.

By the way,you can scan more detail about KEMOVE 61 in their website:https://kemove.com/ .

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